LISS vs Pomeranian with ADHD

Yesterday…Wednesday….the day I don’t look forward to…the day I drop my boys off with their dad for the next 3 days. Though, it does make it easier knowing they are having fun at their dad’s. So keeping busy is a must! Which isn’t hard when it comes to work, errands, cleaning, working out and throwing in a date night or two with my guy.

Last night I had a couple hours to myself, which doesn’t happen often, before I met my guy for sushi at one of my favorite sushi places in town. (eeek, spicy tuna roll here I come!!)

But first, time to get in my LISS for the day.

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State // cardio // example : walking)

Trying to accomplish LISS with a Pomeranian who has ADHD can be pretty problematic to say the least.

Cocomo….what’s a Cocomo you ask??? That is my 3 year old wild Pomeranian with ADHD! From the time he wakes up until the time we go to bed he is constantly going! He loves the outside and we are currently trying to leash train him so he can come walking with us. Perfect time to take him with me on my 37 minute walk.

We started out great, he was prancing right along (he really prances – people actually stop and ask if he is show dog…haha no, definitely not, but thanks 🙂 ). Of course, once we get on the trail he needs to lift his leg on everything he spots. Half way through our walk he stops dead in his tracks! SQUIRREL! Of course he would find a squirrel and want to play with it….Our entire walk was STOP. GO. STOP. GO (not exactly keeping a “steady state”) looking for that squirrel. 2 miles later he had enough…couldn’t get him to move an inch. For the first time Cocomo was tired! I couldn’t believe it.


I only had a couple minutes left of LISS so I bribed him with a treat. He has never run so fast! I managed to get in about 500 more steps than usual from chasing after him to the house. Next time I’ll be bringing the treats with me!





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