Daily Affirmators!

Good morning!!

So let me start off by saying IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!! 🙂 That’s something to be excited about! Every morning when I get to work, the girls and I pick a card, whether it’s daily affirmators, power thoughts, law of attraction, the answer is simple, the “E CARDS” the energy kind, all of these cards give something positive to take with you throughout the day. My favorite to pick from is the AFFIRMATORS because they seem to be pretty on point and usually get a chuckle out of me….and those of you who know me know how much I love to laugh!

Today’s Affirmator:


“It’s time to unleash you inner hippie and step outside of that man-made box. Take a walk in the woods! Smell those flowers! Hug some trees! You might think you’re being ironic, like,”Look at me, I’m being all tree-huggery and stuff,” but you’ll find that even then those trees will hug you back. Trees come from a time before irony, and their earnestness is impervious to our jaded humor. If that doesn’t make you want to hug them even more — well, I guess you’re a robot.”   

-Knock Knock Affirmators!

Enjoy this beautiful spring day! The sun is shining, birds are chirping and MY TULIPS ARE FINALLY OUT! Go smell those flowers and GO PICK A TREE 😉




2 thoughts on “Daily Affirmators!

  1. Donna says:

    You will definitely have to post a picture of you hugging a tree 🙂 My e-card today is: RECEPTIVITY – I am open in my heartand mind to receiving the blessings that I deserve.
    Hugs, Mom


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