DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Let me start by saying Joanna Gaines is definitely an idol of mine! I can’t get enough of her and her husband’s show, Fixer Upper. In the meantime, while I (not so patiently) wait for their fourth season to air, I have decided to take up some of my own DIY projects.

We just painted our cupboard from plywood orangey-brown to white with turquois doors. What a difference it has made in brightening up our kitchen! I figured this was a perfect opportunity to find out what color we want for cabinets, so when the time comes to gut the kitchen out and say hello to our dream kitchen, we will be ready!

This weekend I decided to make a farmhouse sign to put above my sink in the kitchen.

image img_6635

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of plywood (what ever size you’d like)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A small to medium size paint brush
  • Sand paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Paper plate 

What you do:

  • Find the font you like (I used Word) and print it out what you want your sign to say  (adjust the size according to the size of your plywood)
  • Cut out each letter to use as a stencil and trace with a pencil
  • Fill in the letters with the black acrylic paint and let it dry
  • Once it’s completely dry use the sand paper to lightly go over the letters
  • Use the cloth or paper towel and wipe it down

Voila!! There you have your beautiful country farmhouse sign.

Hang and ENJOY!


**note: I did try to use a permanent marker and an oil based one to outline and…as expected, it did bleed. I used the acrylic paint for the rest of the outlining**




Update to my Fitness Journey

Good morning! It’s FRIIDAYYY!!!

I wanted to fill you in on my recent change in my fitness journey! I completed a month of BBG, which was great, but I have been interested in trying something new…something I can continue to use for however long I want…something more long term without the $20 monthly fee. It’s called TONE IT UP! with Karena and Katrina…If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out! You pay a flat fee and you can have it for life, with all of the updates even! As I’m waiting for my bundle to arrive I’ve decided to buy all my workout equipment separately, just because it’s a lot cheaper. Things you will want to get:

  • 10lb kettlebell
  • Free weights
  • Yoga Mat
  • Exercise ball
  • Resistance bands (light and heavy) I bought mine in a pack together
  • Foam roller
  • Walking hand weights (the kind with the strap to put around your hand)

Beach Babe 4+Nutrition Plan Bundle


This is a great investment if you are serious and ready to tackle your journey to a healthier you!

Remember consistency is key! On your “off” days…the days you just don’t feel motivated…think about where you want to be! For me right now, I am so excited for summer and I cannot wait to start my 8 week bikini program! I have a wedding to attend this summer and my tropical vacation in the fall to get ready for! Stay tuned for some of my favorite recipes, workouts, motivations, etc.

I can’t be more excited and can’t wait to share everything with all of you.

Cheers to Friday and saying YES to a new adventure!



Spontaneity – Daily Affirmation

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I’m hoping everyone’s Thursday has started off on the right foot and if not, hopefully this daily affirmation will change your outlook on today. Remember to keep an open mind and think positive. Sometimes we get stuck in some ruts and that’s OK! We just need to make sure we get ourselves out!


“Do you like spontaneous adventures of the highest caliber? The only acceptable answer to this question is “YES” –so buckle up, Charlie*! You’re about to take a wild ride through the unexplored, unconventional, and underrated. You’re about to learn that “Yes” is a magic word with the power to unlock new dimensions in space, time, and after-hours hangouts. “Yes” will lead you to experiences you didn’t think possible, and teach you that lifelong friendships are sometimes lurking just behind a karaoke singer’s mullet.

*There’s a pretty good chance your name is not Charlie.


-Knock Knock Affirmators!


Sometimes we just need to change the way we are thinking. Think YES! Yes to new adventures! Yes to being positive! Yes to a great life!


I hope you all enjoy your day!




Caring for your Fresh Cut Tulips

Nothing says spring like having fresh cut tulips in your house. I have to say tulips are hands down my favorite spring flower. They really give that final element to a clean house not to mention make your house seem professionally decorated. 


1. Choose the right tulips: 

You always want to make sure you are choosing young tulips. You can tell they are young by finding the ones that haven’t opened yet but you can tell what color they are going to be. (Cutting them before they open allows them to last longer)

 2. Cut the stems: 

Cut ¼ in. (0.6 cm) from the base of the stems. I like to cut them at an angle because it helps them soak up the water from the vase. *Remember whether you’re cutting them yourself or buying them from the store, it’s important to keep a wet washcloth or paper towel around the end until you get them in water.

  1.  Finding the perfect vase:

Depending on the height of your tulips you’ll want to find a vase that will cover at least half the height of your tulips. This way they can lean against the vase and not bend over. Mason jars are my favorite!

  1. Fill and arrange:

Fill your vase with cold water. Cold water keeps the stems fresh and crisp. Arrange the tulips so they have a little space and not on top of each other. This will prevent the petals from falling off right away and help them last longer. A lot of people say to add flower food but I feel changing the water daily is just as good. Your tulips will thank you!  Enjoy


What is your favorite spring flower?



Breakfast With a Side of Tulips

Breakfast With a Side of Fresh Cut Tulips

This is one of my favorite quick and easy things to have for breakfast.


Rice cake topped with almond butter, banana and strawberry.

You can even drizzle some honey over the top…mmmm so good!

My mornings can be so crazy with exercise and getting myself and two little humans ready and out the door by 7:00 am, that this is perfect. All you really have to do is spread some almond butter on your rice cake, cut up a banana and a couple strawberries and BAM! The boys are even obsessed with it!

Eat it. Enjoy it. Out the door!

These are fresh cut tulips from my raised flower garden. Stay tuned for my post on how to care for your fresh tulips!

Have a great Monday





Daily Affirmators!



“It seems you’re on a massive journey right now, and this card has arrived to remind you that you will reach the other side. The mountain you’re climbing is huge and formidable, but so is your ability to climb it. You don’t need to enjoy it, you just need to tackle it. Complain if it makes the job easier. Blow off steam. You think mountain climbers get to the top of Everest on inspirational quotes? No way. They’re grunting, and crying, and cursing like freakin’ pirates. That just doesn’t sell a lot of posters.”


This card couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It’s perfect! I’m on this journey to a healthier me and it’s not always glamorous…that’s for sure. I am on the final week of my BBG beginner training and then on to the real deal 🙂 . It’s been said that hitting the four week mark you tend to feel your motivation start to slip away…which is so true. Sometimes (well…most of the time) I am so impatient. This just reminds me to think of where I want to be and I will get there with consistency and hard work. Not today…not tomorrow, but I WILL get there and YOU will too no matter what massive journey you are on. Have faith and patience (I’m trying 🙂 ) and GET TO IT!

Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday☀️






Sunday Watermelon Funday

Finding love in every way with these super cute Pampered Chef fruit and cheese cutters. Not only do they have the cutest shapes but it’s great for family cooking fun.

This is how we spent our Sunday morning.


Getting the kiddos to eat healthy all the time can be a challenge, so I’m all about making healthy food fun to eat!

When they are helping in the kitchen we always put on a cooking show. The boys explain everything they do, ingredients they are using, step by step instructions and so on. I remember doing this when I was their age with my grandmother. Now I get to make these amazing memories with my kids!

This is perfect for a Sunday Funday!

Get something healthy, get your little humans in the kitchen and get your cook on.

Enjoy your Sunday!