Spontaneity – Daily Affirmation

Good morning and Happy Thursday! I’m hoping everyone’s Thursday has started off on the right foot and if not, hopefully this daily affirmation will change your outlook on today. Remember to keep an open mind and think positive. Sometimes we get stuck in some ruts and that’s OK! We just need to make sure we get ourselves out!


“Do you like spontaneous adventures of the highest caliber? The only acceptable answer to this question is “YES” –so buckle up, Charlie*! You’re about to take a wild ride through the unexplored, unconventional, and underrated. You’re about to learn that “Yes” is a magic word with the power to unlock new dimensions in space, time, and after-hours hangouts. “Yes” will lead you to experiences you didn’t think possible, and teach you that lifelong friendships are sometimes lurking just behind a karaoke singer’s mullet.

*There’s a pretty good chance your name is not Charlie.


-Knock Knock Affirmators!


Sometimes we just need to change the way we are thinking. Think YES! Yes to new adventures! Yes to being positive! Yes to a great life!


I hope you all enjoy your day!





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