Update to my Fitness Journey

Good morning! It’s FRIIDAYYY!!!

I wanted to fill you in on my recent change in my fitness journey! I completed a month of BBG, which was great, but I have been interested in trying something new…something I can continue to use for however long I want…something more long term without the $20 monthly fee. It’s called TONE IT UP! with Karena and Katrina…If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out! You pay a flat fee and you can have it for life, with all of the updates even! As I’m waiting for my bundle to arrive I’ve decided to buy all my workout equipment separately, just because it’s a lot cheaper. Things you will want to get:

  • 10lb kettlebell
  • Free weights
  • Yoga Mat
  • Exercise ball
  • Resistance bands (light and heavy) I bought mine in a pack together
  • Foam roller
  • Walking hand weights (the kind with the strap to put around your hand)

Beach Babe 4+Nutrition Plan Bundle


This is a great investment if you are serious and ready to tackle your journey to a healthier you!

Remember consistency is key! On your “off” days…the days you just don’t feel motivated…think about where you want to be! For me right now, I am so excited for summer and I cannot wait to start my 8 week bikini program! I have a wedding to attend this summer and my tropical vacation in the fall to get ready for! Stay tuned for some of my favorite recipes, workouts, motivations, etc.

I can’t be more excited and can’t wait to share everything with all of you.

Cheers to Friday and saying YES to a new adventure!




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