DIY Green Wreath


If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty obsessed with DIY. If it includes crafting of any sort, making my house feel more homey and saving money by doing it, I’M IN! JoAnn’s Fabric is my go to store when it comes to savings…Stepping into that store I feel as if I’m a kid that just arrived at the largest toy store in America…taking a “quick trip” is definitely not going to happen…ever. Let me start off by saying if you haven’t signed up to receive the JoAnn’s Fabric emails and text messages I suggest you do so if you are into anything DIY or the cutest home décor for any season/holiday! You can save SO much!

My most recent find was a medium sized grapevine wreath, 3 stems of greenery, old vintage clock and a metal vase. Luckily when I got up to the register I had just received a text message the day before for 60% off one regular priced item and an email of 20% off the total purchase! SCORE!

Going in to JoAnn’s Fabric I had in mind my floating shelf in my dining room that my boyfriend just built me. I had a sign that I made out of wood and white paint (that says “eat”) that I wanted to put on that shelf with the clock, the vase and the wreath. I will show the complete look at the end.


Here is what you’ll need for the wreath:

  • 1 Medium size grapevine wreath
  • 3-6 stems of greenery depending how much greenery is on them (I would hold it up to the grapevine wreath in the store to judge how much to get)
  • Hot glue gun with several glue sticks

1 What you’ll do:

  • Clip all stems down to just the greenery
  • Put a glob of glue on the end of the greenery and stick into the grapevine hold there for a few seconds
  • Keep overlapping the greenery until all of the grapevine is covered.

Pretty easy and very cheap to make! Buying a wreath like this at any store would be at least $25 and you can make it for $15 or less depending on your coupons.


If you try it, let me know what you think!




DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Let me start by saying Joanna Gaines is definitely an idol of mine! I can’t get enough of her and her husband’s show, Fixer Upper. In the meantime, while I (not so patiently) wait for their fourth season to air, I have decided to take up some of my own DIY projects.

We just painted our cupboard from plywood orangey-brown to white with turquois doors. What a difference it has made in brightening up our kitchen! I figured this was a perfect opportunity to find out what color we want for cabinets, so when the time comes to gut the kitchen out and say hello to our dream kitchen, we will be ready!

This weekend I decided to make a farmhouse sign to put above my sink in the kitchen.

image img_6635

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of plywood (what ever size you’d like)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A small to medium size paint brush
  • Sand paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Paper plate 

What you do:

  • Find the font you like (I used Word) and print it out what you want your sign to say  (adjust the size according to the size of your plywood)
  • Cut out each letter to use as a stencil and trace with a pencil
  • Fill in the letters with the black acrylic paint and let it dry
  • Once it’s completely dry use the sand paper to lightly go over the letters
  • Use the cloth or paper towel and wipe it down

Voila!! There you have your beautiful country farmhouse sign.

Hang and ENJOY!


**note: I did try to use a permanent marker and an oil based one to outline and…as expected, it did bleed. I used the acrylic paint for the rest of the outlining**



Caring for your Fresh Cut Tulips

Nothing says spring like having fresh cut tulips in your house. I have to say tulips are hands down my favorite spring flower. They really give that final element to a clean house not to mention make your house seem professionally decorated. 


1. Choose the right tulips: 

You always want to make sure you are choosing young tulips. You can tell they are young by finding the ones that haven’t opened yet but you can tell what color they are going to be. (Cutting them before they open allows them to last longer)

 2. Cut the stems: 

Cut ¼ in. (0.6 cm) from the base of the stems. I like to cut them at an angle because it helps them soak up the water from the vase. *Remember whether you’re cutting them yourself or buying them from the store, it’s important to keep a wet washcloth or paper towel around the end until you get them in water.

  1.  Finding the perfect vase:

Depending on the height of your tulips you’ll want to find a vase that will cover at least half the height of your tulips. This way they can lean against the vase and not bend over. Mason jars are my favorite!

  1. Fill and arrange:

Fill your vase with cold water. Cold water keeps the stems fresh and crisp. Arrange the tulips so they have a little space and not on top of each other. This will prevent the petals from falling off right away and help them last longer. A lot of people say to add flower food but I feel changing the water daily is just as good. Your tulips will thank you!  Enjoy


What is your favorite spring flower?



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